These are the colors the Pantone folks are seeing for Spring 2014..in women's fashion..I am already seeing a lot of these colors in this seasons new interior fabric introductions.

I think this "mid tone" palette is really pretty...soft but interesting...
So...I forgot to blog ...I was getting sucked down the social media drain! It can be a nasty place to have your business and life all be exposed on Facebook, Instagram, Houzz,Tumbler, Pintrest and Twitter...Don't get me wrong I love to share and I LOVE to get ideas from all these sources....BUT whew it is exhausting.

I really wanted to share my thoughts on what's "hot" and whats "not" at the International Furniture Market in High Point NC
-gold gilt
-flame stitch
-lacquer (high gloss and semi gloss)
-tempered glass
-diamond shapes
-70's Disco age
-jewel tones
-mid century knock offs...go for the real deal if you can!
-fur and fuzzy
NOT (or not as HOT)
-industrial (no heavy iron and wood)
-earth tones
-white washed french
-mass produced accessories (more purposeful or artistic accessories)

Well... I think I hit the highlights. I am sure there are a million other things...But this was just my personal observation!  I have to say I was LOVING the brass!!

New Years Resolution
#55 Blog more!  hahaha yeah who has time...I am too busy..Thank goodness!! I love my clients!

I am nuts about geometric patterns and fretwork. my obsession is probably linked to my love of David Hicks.... and the the simple genius of his use of geometric patterns. They are easy on the eye...nothing to interrupt the movement. You can never find the end...Hummmmm might explain my mind! hahaha Enjoy the images...(P.S.I can order any of these things if you are interested)

Duffy London- Swing Table...$11,000...wow...but COOL!!

 Yippee...more sophisticated than the chevron patterns we are seeing everywhere...I think this is totally warm with a great vintage feel! Celerie does not disappoint with this pattern!

This is my FAVORITE!! The scale makes me very happy...This is called Feather Bloom...

This one in a foyer or master bedroom...WOW! Can you say DRAMA....With the resurgence of gold and brass finishes...you just can't go wrong. Classic and timeless.
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It is happening...I am LOVING IT!! I really like the cobalt mixed with other colors..Like olive and pink. But this is always fresh and happening.

Designers Guild wallpaper....we have them!!
Jim Thompson fabric...cobalt, peacock, turquoise, and olive green...A modern version of the classic suzani.

HOT off the press....Jim Thompson no9 collection...Lots of cobalt!
I have been crazy about pink and brown for years...to the point where I have literally begged clients to use these two things shown below....low and behold....House Beautiful featured both of these pink  items that I adore...and of course..Barry Dixon is the designer...Just stunning! (ok...the chairs sort of freak me out...a little to staged for my blood...but still "stunning")

1. Natural Curiosities..... Paule Marrot Collection "Feathers". It is a beautiful modern/art deco style print LOVE. They float the piece in this plexiglass frame..like a clear shadow box...SO COOL!

2. Schumacher fabric on the pillow ....called Reflex...(do not think the pink and brown is even available any longer.... sadness)